Linear Laboratories Infrared Instrumentation

Since 1980 Linear Laboratories has specialized in infrared instrumentation for process control, plant maintenance, and energy conservation. Linear Laboratories has become a leader in the rapidly expanding handheld IR market and are committed to the development of new products that respond to the changing needs of our customers.

Infrared Temperature Probe

Linear C-500 Series
Infrared Thermometer

Linear LTL 100 Series
Infrared Thermometer
p_C-1000_series.jpg (13343 bytes)
Linear C-1000 Series
Infrared Thermometer
p_C-1600_series.jpg (12922 bytes)
Linear C-1600 Series
Portable Thermometers
p_C-1700_series.JPG (12807 bytes)
Linear C-1700 Series
Infrared Thermocouples

Linear MX Series
High Temperature Infrared Thermocouples

Linear MX-HT Series
Non-Contact Infrared Sensors

Linear TM Series
Infrared Temperature Sensors

Linear M Series

Quality Temperature, Pressure and Recording Instrumentation