Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

Dry BlockJupitor 650 Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

The Jupiter 650 Dry Block range offers industry-leading performance in an easy to use portable package. With its wide temperature range the Jupiter 650 will reach that important 1200°F mark making it ideal for the calibration of thermocouples as well as platinum resistance thermometers. It has been designed for fast heating and cooling for convenient field use. For flexibility surface sensor and infrared thermometer accessories can be added.

The standard insert can hold up to six thermometers. For larger blocks see the Gemini and Medusa models. All Isotech calibrators including the Jupiter 650 include a customized controller with 5 point linearization allowing for unmatched absolute accuracy and repeatability in a portable dry block.

The SITE model includes a universal sensor input allowing Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouples (K, N, R, S, L, B, PL2, T, J & E) along with Linear Process Inputs including 4-20mA current transmitters to be displayed on the built-in indicator. The SITE indicator is commonly used to display an external standard thermometer giving greater accuracy by eliminating temperature gradient and loading errors. The indicator also can be programmed with up to five calibration points to provide high accuracy digital probe matching.

JupiterPLUS 650

Pegasus 1200 High Temperature Thermocouple Calibrator

The Pegasus 1200 is a tube furnace, which includes a specially-profiled heater that gives a central zone of constant temperature. It is ideal for the calibration of noble metal thermocouples, type R and S, in industries such as glass making, electrical power, automotive and material processing. A state of the art digital controller with custom tuning and 5 discrete calibration points provides optimal control and accuracy throughout the full range of the unit.

Available in Site or Basic models, the Basic models utilize a high accuracy, high stability temperature controller which sets and gives an indication of the block temperature. A standard temperature sensor and external thermometer should be used to measure the block’s temperature, and industrial sensor outputs are compared to known and traceable values. The site models include an independent temperature indicator that may connect to an optional type R or type S thermocouple or PT100 standard probe, allowing the reference system to be housed in one convenient case.

The Pegasus 1200’s temperature range is 150ºC to 1200ºC. Its stabilization time is 15 minutes. The insert dimensions are: 4 holes 5/16” Ø x 3.2” deep (8mm x 80mm) and the insert options allow drillings to be made per customer specifications.

A fast cool down probe is available as an option. When connected to an air supply, this probe cools down the Pegasus 1200 in about 25% of the normal time. All Pegasus 1200 Models are supplied with RS232 or RS422 communications, and software.

PegasusPLUS 1200

Apollo Dry Block Fixed-Setpoint Dry-Block Calibrators

The Apollo Dry Block range offer a complete self contained and simple solution for the checking and calibrating of temperature sensors. The sensors under test are placed in the large block and one of the five preset temperatures is selected, the temperature from the sensor is then recorded against the value from the Apollo's NIST Calibration Certificate. This calibration certificate is included as standard.

The Apollo is widely used as a reference standard in hospitals, local government and food industries etc. The Apollo has been developed from Isotech's very first dry block and has a long history of successful use. The block has four 8mm pockets and four 19.5mm pockets all 160mm deep.

The Apollo can be provided with customer selected temperatures in addition to the two standard models which have the following temperatures preset.


Medusa Blackbody Fixed-Point Dry Block Calibrator

The Medusa is a blackbody primary source in which radiation pyrometers can be calibrated. Specifically designed to accommodate black body fixed point cells, the Medusa-R is the optimal choice for primary labs needing the highest levels of radiation measurement.

The temperature of the cavity can be set to ±0.1°C over the temperature range 30°C to 550°C. The controller reaches 550°C approximately 45 minutes from switch on. Also, the cavity temperature, as measured by a radiation thermometer took approximately 45 minutes to reach stability from switch on.

The variation seen on the controller’s temperature indication over a 5 minute period was ±0.2°C. Similar variations were detected by a radiation thermometer looking into the cavity.

Using a portable radiation thermometer having a target diameter of 13mm, the 48mm target was surveyed. Maximum temperature differences of ±1°C were found for set temperatures in the range 100°C to 500°C.

Temperatures along the inner 200mm of the 285mm long cavity were measured at 400°C and 500°C, using a hand held fiber-optic radiation probe. Maximum temperature differences of ±4°C were found.

Large Fixed Point Cells can be fitted to the Medusa R giving small uncertainties suitable for Primary Standards.

Medusa 3

Oberon Blackbody Fixed-Point Dry Block Calibrator

The Oberon is designed for achieving Aluminum, Silver, Gold or Copper fixed points. The furnace core is a specially-designed stress-free isothermal heat pipe, which provides a very low thermal gradient along the core working length. The furnace heater is of the non-inductive bird-cage design insulated by twin bore alumina tubes. Heatpipes provide the ideal conditions for the creation and maintenance of slim ITS-90 cells.

The heatpipe is designed so that the inner wall is not subject to thermal expansion stresses from the outer wall before the heat pipe reaches conduction temperature. The working fluid is permanently and safely sealed within the plasma-arc welded enclosure.

The range of the higher temperature furnace is suitable for Aluminum, Silver, Gold or Copper Blackbody Fixed Point Cells. Connections are provided for a water supply of 0.5 to 1 litre per minute. Water supply and waste connections are provided. Use without cooling is not recommended.

An advanced state of the art electronic control system controls the furnace temperature. The control may be self-calibrated using freeze-point cells as references. An over-temperature safety circuit is provided, using an on/off circuit driven by a second thermocouple.


For Lower Temperatures see the ISOCAL-6

Dry BlockIsothermal Technology manufacture a full range of temperature calibration equipment for Primary Standards used in National and Primary Labs, for Secondary Lab Equipment used in accredited calibration laboratories and through to the Dry Blocks featured here.

Customers include the Worlds largest Primary Standards Laboratories, Accredited Laboratories (UKAS, DKD etc.), large multinational companies, research organizations, manufacturing etc.

Eighty percent of Nations rely on Isotech to supply their country's standards. This is not a responsibility taken lightly and Isotech constantly invests in its own full scale UKAS (formerly NAMAS) accredited laboratory.

Isotech issues UKAS certificates for fixed point cells, thermometers, indicators and dry blocks. Isotech have issued several thousand calibration certificates and carried out several thousand measurements on Dry Blocks.

We calibrate all types, not just our own. The benefit of this experience, and the knowledge of years of manufacturing Dry Blocks is invested back into these products with the goal of constant improvement. In recent years the number of producers of Dry Blocks has increased dramatically, whilst many look similar (and some look surprisingly similar to our established models) they are often very different inside and can perform very badly.

The Dry Block Calibrators complement with the ISOCAL-6 range. Above temperatures of approximately 250ºC it is not practical to use stirred liquids due to fumes, risk of ignition and safety considerations. Isotech's higher temperature calibration baths incorporate as many of the Isocal-6 options as is safe and practical to provide.

 The SITE (S) models include an electronic temperature indicator that can be used with a 100 Ohm Resistance Thermometer, Thermocouples, (K, N, R, S, L, B, PL2, T, J and E) and DC process inputs including 4-20mA current transmitters . A reference thermometer can be connected or for complete flexibility the in-built indicator can be used to show the value from a sensor being calibrated.

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