Temperature,Calibration,Bath,ISOCAL 6

Temperature Calibration Bath ISOCAL 6

The new temperature calibration bath range with interchangeable accessories give greatest ever flexibility;
A complete Calibration Laboratory in One Simple to Use Package

Data Sheets

One Bath


From 55°C below ambient to
250°C - large 35mm x 160mm calibration volume

A Metal Block Bath

Fast, convenient, mess free sensor calibration

A Stirred Liquid Bath

Replace the metal insert to calibrate odd shaped sensors and gain enhanced performance

A Stirred Ice Bath

On the VENUS models switch to the stirred ice bath to check and log your reference probe

Black Body Source

Need to calibrate radiation pyrometers? Just add the black body source kit

Surface Sensors

To calibrate surface sensors add the special insert / reference thermometer options

ITS-90 Fixed Points

Need accuracy to +/-0.001°C? Then select one of the ISOCAL-6 F.P. Cells and realize ITS-90 fixed points

Metal Block

Metal Insert

Start with the metal insert then add accessories as needed
Liquid tank

Liquid Container

Allows for odd shaped sensors and potentially gives greater performance. With the Venus models you can also use as a stirred ice bath
  1. Magnetic Stirrer: spins exerting centrifugal force
  2. Liquid moves to the side of the container
  3. Combined action causes the...
  4. Flow pattern
Black Body

Black Body Source

Emissivity greater than 0.995 for the calibration of radiation pyrometers
Surface Sensors

Surface Sensor Calibrator

Add the special surface kit to allow calibration of surface probes
Fixed Points

Fixed Points

The most accurate temperatures are the fixed points of ITS-90, use the ISOCAL-6 F.P. cells to realize fixed points to an accuracy of +/-0.001°C

Data Sheets
ISOCAL-6 Model Temperature Range Calibration Volume
Europa -45°C to 140°C 35 x 160mm
Venus -35°C to 140°C 35 x 160mm
Calisto 30°C to 250°C 35 x 160mm
Oceanus -25°C to 110°C 52 x 300mm
Slim Cells for the Isocal
ISOCAL-6 Brochure Four Page Data Sheet

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