Process Multimeter / Calibrator

Precision DC mA, Voltage Calibrator combined with True RMS Process Multimeter / Calibrator.

The CMM Precision Process Multimeter / Calibrator offers simultaneous source and measurement of current and voltage. They also can measure temperature, frequency, duty cycle, pulse width, and resistance—with up to 0.03% accuracy.

The Process Multimeter / Calibrator feature true RMS measurement for non-linear voltage and current loads, and are programmable for 16 continuous or timed step outputs, or 999-step ramp. The large dual-display 4,000/40,000 count backlit LCD shows the primary and secondary source and/or measured values and functions selected.

This Process Multimeter / Calibrator can source bipolar current (±25mA) and voltage (±1.5V, ±15V), with a constant current output for loads up to 500 ohms. A built-in isolated RS-232 interface with optional Windows™-based software provides advanced data acquisition and documentation functions. Accessories include input and output test leads, a temperature probe, 9-volt battery, external battery pack, and a protective case.

Calibrator Features
  • Simultaneous source and measure
  • Bipolar current (±25mA) and voltage (±1.5V, ±15V) outputs with 0.03% accuracy
  • Constant current output for loads up to 500˝
  • Programmable for 16 continuous or timed step outputs, or 999 step ramp

    DMM Features:
    • Measure DCmA, ACmA, DCV, ACV, AC+DC, Temperature, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, Resistance, Continuity, and Diode
    • 1µV or 1µA resolution with 0.03% basic DCV accuracy
    • 1ms Peak Hold for glitch capture plus Data Hold, relative and dynamic recording.
    • ACV and DCV to 600V (CMM-13)

General Features:

    • RS-232 interface with optional Windows®
    • Large 4,000/40,000 count backlit LCD displays primary, secondary, source/measure ranges and functions selected
    • Separate input/output banana jacks with fused protection
    • Auto power off with disable function
    • Complete with input/output test leads, temperature probe, 9V battery, external battery pack, protective holster and pouch case.
Process Multimeter / Calibrator Spec Sheet

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