Fuji PXH Series, 1/4 DIN, Process And Temperature Controller

Fuji PXH Series 1/4 DIN Process And Temperature Controller

The Fuji Electric PXH 1/4 DIN process and temperature controller provides high-speed, high-performance, and high-accuracy control. With its abundant and flexible input/output points and powerful math function, the PXH 1/4 DIN controller can be used for a wide range of applications as not only a temperature controller but also a process controller for pressure, flow rate, and more.

This Fuji controller has an easy-to-view five-digit display that is equipped with waterproof construction. User function keys offer one touch operation for Remote/Auto switch, Stand-by, Alarm-latch clear, and others. The PXH 1/4 DIN controller has pre-installed control application templates which allow easy configuration for various applications. Just by selecting the appropriate "Application Template", input/output settings and internal calculation blocks can be automatically configured.

Inputs standard to the Fuji Electric PXH are thermocouple, RTD, voltage or current, which are switchable on the front panel keys. Standard control outputs include relay, SSR/SSC drive and current.

With standard loader software, parameters can be easily uploaded and downloaded. PID tuning status can be easily viewed on your PC. An optional feature of the Fuji Electric PXH controller is the RS485 (Modbus) communication, which allows the user to connect up to 31 units using any general-purpose SCADA software.

  • High-speed control-50ms input sampling
  • Mototrized valve control (Position feedback/Servo control) dual PID controller (Heat/cool controller)
  • High-accuracy (0.1%)
  • Extensive number of I/O points (AI:3 points, DI: 9 points, DO: 9 points, AO: 2 points)
  • Enhanced math functions
  • Totalize function
  • RS485 modbus communications and transmitter power supply options available

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