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Fuji Electric PVX Series Process And Temperature Controllers

The Fuji Electric PVX is a 1/4 DIN process and temperature controller. The PVX controller has nine 20-segment control patterns, which gives you the ability to store, call up, and run at any time without re-entering control variables. Besides saving time, the stored patterns ensure that the same process is run according to specification each time without the risk of entering incorrect values while reprogramming. Because of this feature, the Fuji Electric PVX process / temperature controller is perfect for manufacturers using the same system to make a variety of products - each requiring its own unique control "recipe". Individual patterns can even be linked with other patterns or set to repeat in a continuous cycle. Each pattern can contain up to nine individual PID settings with Ramp/Soak up to 180 segments.

1/4 DIN controllers from the Fuji Electric PVX Series also offer the convenience of a three-parameter simultaneous display. At a glance, the current temperature (process variable, PV), the setpoint (set variable, SV), and the unit’s current output level (manipulated variable, MV) are clearly visible. Front panel indicators tell what pattern is used and what individual segment the process is currently on; also whether the current segment is ramping up, holding steady, or ramping down.

Inputs standard to the PVX process / temperature controller include thermocouple, RTD, 0-10mV, 0-100mV, 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, and 4-20mA. Standard outputs include relay, DC voltage pulse, and 4-20mA. Standard PID autotuning calculates PID control settings for you, thereby optimizing system performance. Manual override allows you to take control of the process at any time.

Another feature that is standard to the PVX 1/4 DIN controller is password protection, which prevents accident or unauthorized changing of parameters. In addition, digital filtering prevents external noise from affecting the input signal. The Fuji Electric PVX’s sensor break protection protects your process if the input sensor fails.

  • Nine 20-Segment Control Patterns
  • Program Loader Option: Windows-based program allows for easy configuration
  • Independent PID Setting for Each Pattern Setting
  • 100ms Sampling Rate
  • Triple Display
  • PID Autotuning
  • Auto/Manual Operation
  • Several Digital Inputs/Output
  • Programmable Alarms: Two points standard, two points optional
  • Auxiliary Analog Outputs: Up to two available (1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10V)
  • Password Protection
  • Digital Filtering
  • Sensor Break Protection
  • Three-Year Warranty

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