Eurotron UniCal Precision Simulator Calibrator

Unical Precision CalibratorsPrecision Simulator Calibrator for Thermocouples, RTD's, MV and Resistance

UniCal RTD+

  • Basic accuracy 0.04% of reading
  • Measure and simulate 14 RTD types and resistance
  • Single value, multi-step or continuous ramp/soak simulation
  • Programmable scale factor and averaging
  • Selectable temperature scale (IPTS68 & ITS90)

    UniCal TC+

  • Basic 0.04% of reading accuracy, 0.1°F/C resolution
  • Source or measure all DIN, JIS, or IEC thermocouples plus mV
  • Program and store up to seven simulation programs using up to sixty values enabling quick calibrations
  • Fast internal or external cold junction compensation
  • Selectable temperature scale (IPTS68 & ITS90)

pdf_files spec sheet pdf_files spec sheet


UniCal Precision Simulators come in two models, both of which offer programmable scale factors, engineering units, quick-step simulation procedures, and averaging. Output values are easily set digitally via the tactile keypad. Input fuse protection prevents damage from inappropriate connections. The units are made to last with rugged shock resistant cases and an internal metal coating for shielding.

The UniCal TC+ is a thermocouple simulator which can source or measure all normalized IEC, DIN and JIS thermocouples (J, K, T, R, S, B, C, U, L, N, E, F) plus mV. The UniCal TC+ has a thin film RTD placed directly within the connection terminals for optimal cold junction compensation at the junction. It has a memory capability that will allow programming and storing up to seven simulation programs with up to 60 values. This allows a true simulation of your specific thermal system for verification of on-line instruments. Additionally, the basic accuracy is 0.04% of the reading.

The UniCal RTD+, for RTDs and resistance, can measure and simulate fourteen RTD types, as
well as resistance up to 4000 Ohms. The UniCal RTD+ utilizes patented circuitry for unmatched
active RTD simulation. It features a selectable temperature scale, ITS90 or IPTS68 and unique
customization capabilities, with a basic accuracy of 0.04% of the reading.

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