Eurotron Microcal 2000+ Multifunction Process Calibrator

Multifunction Calibrator Eurotron Microcal 2000+ lightweight Field or Lab Process Calibration Standard

Signal Calibrator
  • Advanced technology
  • RJ compensation
  • Frequency generation
  • Printer option
  • Highest accuracy
  • Graphical display

PM2000 Pressure Module

  • Laboratory Accuracy
  • Advanced Pressure Module
  • Multifunction Display
  • Internal or External Pumps
  • Transmitter Test Function
  • Loads of FREE Software

pdf_files spec sheet pdf_files spec sheet

Here’s a calibrator that was tailor-made for an instrumentation engineer or quality manager. Portable or panel mount, The MicroCal 2000+ Multifunction Calibrator system goes any place required in both the laboratory and in the field.

The MicroCal 2000+ Multifunction Calibrator is an advanced, multi-function calibrator representing the most versatile and powerful piece of calibration equipment on the market today. Using a 32-bit microprocessor and a fast A/D conversation technology, the MicroCal 2000 achieves advanced flexibility and high performance with two insulated channels.

The practical case design supports the MicroCal 2000’s rugged, compact and accurate construction in a way that makes these calibrators the ideal solution for measuring and simulating: millivolts, volts, milliamperes, ohms, thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Combining the integral or external pressure supply (PM2000 module) to a signal calibrator, allows for complete ISO9000 calibration of virtually any system.

Supporting software for DOS/Windows is included to transfer a selection of calibration routines from a PC to the internal memory of the MicroCal 2000+ Multifunction Calibrator to automate field calibrations; download logged data from internal memory to PC, and permit highly accurate temperature measurement with a calibrated Pt100.

The Signal Calibrator
The MicroCal 2000+ Multifunction Calibrator hand-held portable calibrator incorporates two channels of high accuracy measurement and simulation with simultaneous function capability of millivolt, volt, milliampere (active and passive loop), W, thermocouple, RTD and frequency.

The MicroCal 2000+ Multifunction Calibrator has a two line backlighted display for the simultaneous reading of input and output signals, making it the perfect tool for calibrating signal conditioners, panel meters, controllers, recorders and scada systems.

The PM2000 Pressure Module
Incorporating the two-channel pressure module with our Microcal 2000+ Multifunction Calibrator provides complete flexibility for all of your pressure calibration needs, including differential pressure measurements with 0.025% accuracy. The Microcal PM2000 system is an electronic pressure secondary standard that uses full temperature and linearity characterization to grant overall highly stable long-term performances.

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