Eurotron MicroCal Pressure Calibrators

One- & Two-Channel Palm-Top Multifunction Calibrator

  • Simulation Programs: Profile your process for true representation during calibration
  • Multifunction: Have everything you need in one portable unit, measure and simulate values at the same time in MicroCal 2+
  • High-Level Functions: Mathematical filters for unstable input signals, converts linear signals in technical units and linearizes quadratic signals
  • Proprietary RCJ Compensation: Optimal compensation at the input / output terminals

pdf_files spec sheet pdf_files spec sheet

The MicroCal series of palm-top calibrators are accurate, compact, rugged, and easy to use: the ideal solution for measuring and simulating; millivolts, volts, milliamperes, ohms, thermocouples and resistance thermometers.

The modular firmware includes the algorithms for thermocouples and RTDs in accordance with IEC, DIN and JIS standards. In addition, both IPTS68 and ITS90 temperature scales are stored in the unit’s memory and can be selected directly from the keypad.

All MicroCal calibrators are able to source a single step value; to program up to 7 simulation programs using up to 60 values; and to source programmable loops (start, step, end values and time) providing the ability to simulate the exact thermal characteristics of your particular system.

Skylark offers the MicroCal in three different models in order to provide an instrument suitable for each application without paying for functions that you do not need. The table below outlines the capabilities of each unit. Channel 1 is for measurement and generation. Channel 2 is measurement only.

Quality Temperature, Pressure and Recording Instrumentation